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Madrugón is more than an event. It’s a networking platform from which we aim to change the way in which thousands of people start the day.

Greeting the dawn is the greatest invention since the selfie stick. This movement is taking the world’s most innovative cities by storm, and we shouldn’t miss out.


If you share our vision, you like the movement and you want to join this global trend,
get in touch with us. Wake up!


7:00 a 8:15

Breakfast of Champions

#KILLERDAY by FIU Barcelona

Hubbers Activities

8:15 a 9:30

DJ Rumbler & Alex Motel


Misa, Performance & Notworking


Feature Artists



Impact Hub Barcelona

12 NOV · 7:00 AM

November 12th, Impact Hub Space in Barcelona at 7:00 am. At 9:30 am the music stops, sunlight sneaks in through the curtains, the lights turn on and the doors open, leading to a bright and helping you fulfill your most desired goals.

Why Madrugón?

Art & Fun

A space to meet new people and strengthen connections, exchange ideas, do business, or just to have a conversation among friends.

Talks and activities from professionals to charge your batteries right. Empower your creativity, relax, train your concentration, plan your day...

Smile & Eco

You are what you eat. Enjoy a delicious breakfast with natural fresh fruit juices, organic foods, teas, coffees, and much more.

The day will unfold as you want it. Smile, it’s a new day, starting full of energy and good vibes... You decide how it will go.

Rave & Dance

Move your body. Start the day filled with energy. Boogie with your boss, jitterbug with your secretary, or foxtrot with your coworkers. Dance like nobody’s watching.

Move your body to the rhythm of the house, with the best DJs from Spain and worldwide alongside live music.

Not everyday
is the same

There are certain days you wake up a little earlier, with desire to meet the day head on. Days you wake up with desire to enjoy yourself, desire to eat a good breakfast and take on the world, to listen to good music, to smile.
There are certain days you wake up with the desire to greet the dawn the desire to Madrugón.